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Based in Weymouth, Dorset, I’ve been building websites for over 25 years and have clients who have trusted me with their web projects for almost as long. From initial design, setup and SEO through to ongoing updates and site revamps, your website project is in good hands with me.

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Affordable, effective websites

Your website will be built in the popular WordPress CMS (Content Management System), allowing you to make changes to your site content quickly and easily as required while saving you money on ongoing maintenance costs. With a wealth of tutorials and video guides online, you’ll be managing your own website in no time! If you’re in need of some quality stock photos I can also recommend the excellent, free stock photo libraries Pixabay and Unsplash as great alternatives to the premium photo options.

For more details on the above packages or to enquire about custom options, please get in touch.


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To discuss your website needs, drop me an email at info@mnweb.co.uk
and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.